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I AM Aleesha * I AM All that I AM * I AM You 

I AM a Ancient Starseed, Lightworker, Teacher, Healer, Gatherer of Tribe & Ascension Guide

 I AM Divine Channel for all Higher Dimension Beings & Source Consciousness

I AM able to raise my vibration, connect to my Super Light Power in a few breaths

A few breaths and I AM surrounded with a Light Energy that vibrates with such Peace,

fills me with deep Love and calms my fear and doubts. 


To me this Energy is GOD and is within me, you and all things.  

Available to us anytime, anywhere, in just a few breaths, connect, ask, allow.

This Light is All Healing, Guiding & Knowing.

Yet  why do we continue to look outside ourselves to be healed & saved.

5D is staying connected to our Light everyday, All day, in just a full breaths.

Doing this has saved me, is transforming me in so many ways.

Each day I grow healthier & happier and clearer on my path & purpose.

I AM amazed how Free I am my mind so peaceful without fears or worries.

 I am kinder more compassionate and loving to myself and others.

I am grateful for everything and find Joy & Beauty everywhere in the smallest things.

This is available to us all,  when we exist in this space WE ARE 5D.

We are here to bring in the 5D Light into ourselves, humanity and Earth.

Starseeds it is time to remember All we are as Multi-dimensional, Multi-Aspects Divine Beings of Light.

This is why we are here, not to remember we don't belong and want to go home.


It is so we merge all Soul Aspects, all Soul Families into ONE Timeline of Light.

As we do this we activate the Sacred Codes and Blueprints we hold in our Celestial DNA.


Our mission is to bring our Light HOME to the 5D New Earth we are creating Now.

As Starseeds we have done this many times before though not on such a large scale.

This is why so many Starseeds are here, all of our Soul Aspects  from all worlds & races 

participating now as the Human ground crews, Galactic & Celestial Guides.

The time is Now. All that's happening in 3D world is needed to bring to Light.

Enough of humanity had to wake up and realize they were being controlled.

Had to declare their Sovereignty, forgive, release and return to their Divine Light Core.

 While many Starseeds, Lightworkers are waking up they are confused,  lonely and lost. 

 Many are listening to the false light, receiving wrong or incomplete information.

Many are still trapped in their own 3D fears unable to see the Light.

They still are controlled with energetic implants, dark attachments or attacks.

For those of us waking it is hard to watch as our friends & families stay trapped.

The best we can do is speak our truth, stand in our power, lead by example.

 Be aware but do not engage,  be compassionate and allow them to make their choices.

Everyday, bring the light into you, through you and send it out to every Being on planet.


I was guided to start the WE ARE 5D Community of Light  for all of us striving to BE the change

we wish to see in the New Earth. It is a Sacred, Safe place to gather Online and in Sarasota Fl.

A growing, evolving community to help each other Live more in 5D.  

I hope we can come together to share our triumphs and challenges.

To share stories, abilities, talents, services & products that help us BE more 5D. 

We are Soul Family, we need to support, lift, validate and help  heal ourselves and the world.

Coming together to Anchor  Source Light in our Hearts and out to all Beings.

This site is a work of LOVE for our 5D Community and still in progress.

For the last 6 months have been in constant connection with Source Consciousness, Guides & Akashic.

I have been been given our Soul History, Galactic Journey along with much info that fills in many of the blanks.

I still have much more to add about our Galactic & Elemental Families, & Cosmic Races,

as well Ancient Earth,  and those of service to self info.  I am also working on an Ascension Guide.

I am hoping other will join me offering services & products from the 5D vibration.

If so we will be adding a directory and store, I also see a directory to help us locate each other.


I am proud and excited to say it is now and will be the most comprehensive up to date guide you will find. 

We are part of something with so many mind blowing layers, much we still cannot understand which is

why this is not entire story.  It is told to me in a linear way, yet goes farther than we have before. 

It  is my interpretation, my cliff notes version, a combination of my experiences, research and channelings.   

This is why Discernment is so important in what you read here or anywhere. 

Take what resonates with you what feels like truth in your intuitive heart, leave whatever does not.

If you have more to add I would love to hear from  you.

Let us Unite together as Blossoming Starseeds & build a Community & New World of

Peace, Light, Love & JOY!

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