5D Community

As Starseeds & Lightworkers we have known since birth that we are different than most humans.

Many of us felt/feel like we don't belong, in our families, groups, communities.

We have been the "purple sheep", odd ones out, granola's, tree huggers, witches, WooWoo's,

New Ages and now crazy conspiracy theorists.

Most have learned early on to fit in, great Chameleons blending in becoming invisible when needed.


NO MORE my Tribe.  It is time to Wave our Freak Flag to say & BE who we truly are. 

WE ARE 5D is a growing, evolving Community for those in Sarasota Fl. and global.

We have this site, our FB group, YouTube Channel and will adding more ways for us to connect.

We need to gather our Light Tribes together in person & online to help each other thru this shift.

Sharing stories, struggles, triumphs, info, questions. To support, validate & help each other.

Let's get together to dance, sing, chant, to call in the Light, and send into the world.

On this site you will find to date channeled info on our Soul's history, 5D & Ascension.

I have much more to add and will be constantly updating as more is available to us each day.

We will have a 5D Business directory for a variety of services & products offered in Sarasota & Global.

We need to support and help each other become more abundant.

My hope for the future is to have a member directory by location, encouraging you to set up local groups & friendships.

This Site, FB Group and all associated with WE ARE 5D is only the beginning.

I have been shown this 5D JOY Community for years, since I moved to Sarasota 11 years ago when

I started the first of many versions called Our Healing Journey

As I grew and learned so did it, first more about holistic nutrition & health, then Energy Healing.

 I see a local & global NEW EARTH Communities of all sizes. Living, working, socializing in Tribal like "villages".

Conscious sustainable, growing food, sharing resources, supporting, bringing Love & Joy to all.

 Sarasota Florida, is a  known Crystal City of Light, famous for its Quartz Crystal Beach.

It has powerful Vortex's, Portals and Lei lines of Light Energy that create a Prism connecting Sarasota

to other Cities of Light around the World in direct line with Giza in Egypt. Light Tribes have been guided here

 protected since Native tribes long ago. 

My home is on Sacred Native Tribal land, it is a beautiful JOY Garden that radiates peace & Light.

I'm shown this is the center of our growing 5D JOY Community, a blueprint for others locally and globally. 

It is off downtown in a mixed neighborhood that borders the richest and poorest areas.

It is a gathering place for our Tribe, growing into a Sanctuary with Meditation paths, Labyrinth, Butterfly gardens.

I'm shown in next few years it extends into several properties , turning it into a 5D Living & working community,

self-sustainable, edible community gardens, retreat cottages. 

I see a health center based on plant, crystal, sound healing, Spiritual healing where no one is turned away.

I am shown it becomes a 5D destination spot for our Tribe to live, work, visit.  As our communities grows in Sarasota,

Online & Globally, we will set up The Joy Foundation. A non-profit that each of us contribute to with as little as $11 a month. 

We use this money to help fund JOY Communities big & small as well as outreach to those living in 5D and truly need help.

What I am shown is amazing, all around the world others are receiving the same messages I am.

Our future is to return more to the Tribal Communities, living, working, helping each other to anchor in the 5D New World.

If any of this resonates with you, I ask please to help me make it happen! 

Join -facebook.com/groups/wearein5d and engage with the group.

Share there and here, your stories, experiences, any events, services, products that are 5D worthy.

Share this with your 5D, New Earth, Starseed Groups & Friends.

Join me in visualizing this incredible community, in manifesting places of Joy & Light all over the world!

WE ARE 5D! We are the future!

We are the Ancient Ones, the extensions of Source/Creator Light Energy! We have helped Imagine & Manifest

throughout this Galaxy and beyond!

It is time for us to come together and help create a New World of Peace, Love & Joy!

A world were there is no poverty, illness, hate, fear or pain.  It may seem impossible but you believe in it

or you would not be reading this!

Help me imagine & manifest this new reality. BE 5D in all your choices, thoughts & actions!


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