Andromeda Galaxy 

The 6th Universe is a spiral shaped Galaxy, one of the largest, oldest and closet to our galaxy the

Milky Way. It has several beautiful Utopia planets with lots of water, oceans, lakes, lush forests and fertile fields.

The sky is rainbow like the Aurora Borealis and has 2 Suns. Inhabitants live in communal villages with a

One Tribe mentality. Buildings are simple clear lines of organic materials and crystals. Andromeda has several Races

including the Avians, Blue Avians & Manthis who originated in the 5th Universe.

The Pashats (Feline/Lions) began here. Later on several Humans races, refugees from other star systems in our Milkyway. 

The Nordics, blond or red hair, blue eyes, pale and another Asian looking with dark hair, Carmel or blue skin, dark eyes.

Each are tall at 7-12ft and can weigh over 600lbs though bodies

are long & lanky. Eyes are large and piercing, heads elongated with small ears, long fingers and toes. 

There are also many Pleiadeans, Sirians and Lyrans. There is also an ancient race called the Silver  Dolphins though

that's all I know at this moment. All Beings are highly evolved, heart centered and service to ONE consciousness.


Very advanced in technology and science especially genealogy. Advanced healers, using music, sound, color,

frequencies and crystals.  They are advanced Spiritual Advisers, the Andromeda Council is the head Spiritual Council

forAshtar Command and many interdimensional Councils for this planet and others in this Universe as well as  others.


There are not as many incarnated as they are in higher dimensions, but  are higher Aspects of many Starseeds. 

Traits: Androgynous, balanced in feminine & masculine energies. Very unique, rebels, like to stand out, make a statement.

They value freedom more than anything are freedom fighters, for injustice, inequality, anything they are passionate about. 

They are explorers, wanderers, don't like to commit, despise authority, rules, the "man". Crave self-expression,

strong healers, artists, musicians, some go to science. Have a strong connection to water, dolphins, ocean life and nature.

Many struggle with self-love, feeling worthy and speaking up.  If they have ego in check they are of Service to All. 

Appearance is tall, thin with large piercing eyes and very beautiful oval face.






, color