Small blue planet orbiting a giant red star, billions of years old.  It is 36 light years away from Earth and part

of the Bootes constellation next to the Big Dipper, its sun is 200x brighter than ours.

The information I am receiving as I write is very interesting, it is new but explains what I have experienced working

with the Arcturians. Whenever I receive info that is new to me and other resources,

I drive my guides crazy as I ask & ask to make sure I am getting it as correctly and clear as I can.

This is still a bit confusing I only share what resonates with me. I hope it does with you.

The Arcturian Race evolved differently than the other races. The others through the Universes where created

by the original Ancient Starseeds using genetics, hybrids of Celestial DNA with a bit of these & that.

They  evolved from lower to higher forms & Dimensions. 

Arcturians are Pure Celestial Light DNA, they are Etheric Beings though can take physical form.

They have always existed in higher dimensions though I'm told they can exist in 5 & 6D when they want or

need to be closer in vibration to those they are guided.   

Have always existed in the Angelic Realms, and have worked with the Original Ancient Starseeds

since beginning as Spiritual Guides & teachers. 

They control the Ascension Gates, Rainbow Bridges and Akashic Record Halls for all Star Systems

have bases on or near every inhabitant planet. Assist all Oversouls and all Soul Aspects in their Spiritual Evolution.

They work with them with incarnation & karmic contracts, life lessons & reviews, help heal lifetime

traumas after death and the integration of Soul Aspects back into Oversoul Light. 

The Spiritual Guidance Counselors of the Galactic Federation of Light as well as many Councils & Groups. 

Peaceful Ambassadors helping to protect and uphold the Law of ONE, to carry out the blueprint of Christed Light.

I'm shown they settled in Arcturus as the first advanced race in our Universe.

They did this to exist in a lower vibration of 5th-6thD to make it easier to connect with evolving 3D +

worlds and also to better protect this Universe and Stargates from the Draco/Reptilians destruction. 

Some wanted to experience a 5D  and allow the Starseeds Higher Soul Aspects to experience life as Arcturian. 

Arcturus existed a beautiful 5D planet for millions of years,

I see it like a beautiful Healing Sanctuary for those who needed it, they took in many Lyrans & Orions

who were displaced and lost after the wars. 

After that the Draco's found them and realized they held the Gateways to Heaven and they tried to attack.

There were some Lyran/Orion deaths and some destruction to the Ascension systems but the Arcturian defenses

were strong.  They have technology, light beams that can disintegrate physical matter/bodies, quickly and pain free

sending them directly back to Source/Light.

  They understand all returns back to Source eventually and do not seeing as killing,

especially if it/they are going against Law of ONE and there are no other options.

They could not risk them getting control of the Gates, so the planet and all inhabitants went into the Etheric Realm.

Still exiting there but invisible to lower races with negative agenda. 

They still allow Beings to incarnate on Arcturus if they are evolved enough.


*Side note*  I see them stepping in like this as last resort if those of Dark Agenda continue to keep a hold on Earths Timeline.

This is because as a Collective Consciousness we have risen in vibration and declared our Sovereignty and at

some pointsoon they will be able to go after them for going against Law of One.

Up until this point humanities free will stood in the way of stepping in.*


The Arcturian ships are the most advanced of all, each inhabited planet has a Mothership in their orbit, invisible unless

wanting to be seen. (like now)  These ships are alive with organic matter and powered by crystals. 

They have medical centers with advanced healing rooms with crystal & sound beds, Spiritual advancement rooms,

meeting & communication rooms and Ascension Gates connected to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Earth's Mothership is Athena  and has been in our sky since Earths beginning. It is the largest Galactic Federation ship

in our Universe and the head commanders are Ashtar and Sananda..

It is like the Galactic UN with all Races working with Earth represented onboard. 

Appearance- they are less human than most races. 3-4ft tall with luminescent blue/green skin, large oblong heads

and pointed chins, bald with huge intense almond shaped eyes, dark with no whites. 

Their bodies are thin, long neck, arms and 3 long fingers.

They are androgynous but can appear more masculine or feminine by choice. 

Those more advanced can be taller and have a crystal 3rd eye. 

They are telepathic and see more with the 3rd eye than eyes.  They live to about 400 years old, do not age or have illness.

They pass on when their contract is up then return to Celestial Realms as Spirit and Ascension Guides

until they choose to incarnate again. 

They do not have sex organs, sex and reproduction are through mutual loving energy exchange. 

The do not need to eat and get nutrients from energetic Manna and only sleep for dream journeys.

They have no ego, no competition and a ONE Consciousness, in perfect balance with Divine Feminine, Masculine.

Starseed Traits - If you have a Arcturian Soul Aspects you are a Spiritual heavyweight with a powerful sense of service

and purpose.  They are Spiritual guides no matter what profession is, they are teachers, healing arts, scientists, researchers, architects.  Community Tribe mentality and drive to save the planet almost to compulsion. 

Drawn to Sacred Geometry, Philosophy, Sound healing, music, communication. 

Love anything that works with shapes and colors. 

Can feel like the odd one out, hard to show emotions or share feelings, many casual friends but few close ones.

Very social, loves challenges & change. Can be chatty but with a purpose of sharing knowledge, giving advice,

helping wherever needed.  Very empathic, sensitive, telepathic and clairvoyant.