Blue Avians 

One of the oldest races that began in the 5th Universe and evolved into 9D by the time they came to

Andromeda to begin seeded other Conscious races Human & other.  They are one of the first races incarnated

into by Aspects of the original Ancient Starseeds.  Blue Avians are 8-10ft tall humanoids with birdlike features. 

Their bodies are thin yet muscular, blue skin covered in downy feathers of deep indigo blues and violets.

They have large dark eyes with no whites and small soft beaks.  They speak telepathically in a soft musical tone

and their energy is pure, gentle, calming and full of Love. They are connected in ONE consciousness yet have

individual Souls part of our Oversouls.

They came to our star system thru Andromeda over 50 million years ago. They helped the Antarians(Manthis)

and Pashats(feline) to create the first races including humans in the Lyran star system. 

They are direct messengers of Source/God Light. They are not political and do not engage in the constant

Draco/Cabal vs Federation of Light wars. 

They act as the Peace Alliance, negotiators of treaties, keepers of the Universal Laws of ONE.

  They have played these roles since the beginning and have been guides to many, often showing themselves

as Etheric light Beings. Many Angel sightings, dreams or messages, may have been them. 

Seen as God/Goddesses in several Ancient civilizations, as Toth, RA, Eagle Kachini, Abgal and others.

They rarely incarnate to human form but many of the Ancient Starseeds are Soul Aspects of them. 

If you have them for your Guides as many of us do now, this may resonate with you.


Intelligent, very efficient and organized.  They see from all sides in a multi-dimensional perspective. 

Free thinkers, don't play by the rules if see no benefit.  They stand up for the underdog but can give tough love.

Positive, see things as 1/2 full, with much wisdom. Love to help others but can struggle with boundaries of going to far. 

Can be Shamans, spiritual teachers, healers, leaders, therapists.  In the past they have been High Priests/Priestesses, Masters, Prophets, Royal Lines, God/Goddesses.

Their message are Love yourself & other, be ONE with Source Light and live in Peace & Joy