Starseed Lineage Readings


How it works

I am very excited to offer these Readings, along with all the info on this site. Everything I have learned

experienced and awakened to has brought me to this and I am so joyful to be able to share it with you my Star Families!

The information I give you in the Reading & on this site are not meant to tell you every life or all you need to know.

Allow it to trigger your memories, connect with your Divine Guidance and go into each lives Life/Timeline.

Ask what else you need to know, what needs to be seen, healed, cleared & awakening. As you do this you will

reactivate Codes, Keys, Blueprints held in your DNA.


are done through Energetic Connection. All I need is your full name, birthdate & permission..

I began the reading in my Sacred Space that is pure, clear & radiates at a high vibration.

I open my heart to the highest vibration of Love, and ask to be a pure Channel for Source/God Consciousness.

I connect with your Highest Oversoul & all Soul Aspects, your Divine Guides and the Akashic records.

I then receive what is needed for you to know at this time. Your Souls journey, beginning in the Light Realms,

your Soul Aspects, first incarnation & several Lifelines through the Galaxies and on Earth.


Information received

* What type of Starseed you are, your Home Planet & first embodiment of a physical Being.


*Several incarnations and Lifelines throughout the Galaxies, on what Star Systems & type of Being.


*Ancient Earth involvement in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece, Hopi, Mayan, Hindu, Jesus's time, Medieval time etc..


*This can include lives as Galactic, Celestial, Elemental or Earth Humans.


*Info for each Life can include appearance, gender, gifts, abilities, purpose, mission. If there is something that

needs to be known, cleared, aligned with, to help you now. If there is a possibility of a Twin Flame reunion in this life.


*If you have had lives as one of the "whose who" of God/Goddesses, Masters, Avatars, Prophets etc..

I may get names and specifics about that Soul Aspect & lifelines.

*You will get messages on what Aspects or Guides are working with you, some of the innate abilities

these Aspects bring to you to develop and use to be of service to yourself & others.  

What you need to focus on to heal, awaken & live in your Highest Joy now!

When I receive your payment I will send you a email to confirm purchase as well as ask your Birth name & date.

I will also give you the approx. wait time which I am trying to keep within a week. 

To insure a pure reading, do not give me any info or ask any questions. After you receive your reading and look

at the Galactic History on this page you can email me with up to 6 questions

I will tap back in and respond back.

Starseed Readings