Our Soul's Journey from Light thru the Cosmos

Hi, It's Aleesha and I am so excited to share this information with you. It is an accumulation of 7 years experience,

knowledge and guidance as a Divine Channel for Source & all Beings of Light. I've Channeled & worked with many       

of our Galactic, Angelic & Elemental Soul Families. I have seen hundreds of clients doing energy healing, past/future

life regressions, connecting with all Aspects of their Higher Souls & Guidance. Most of them Starseeds & Earth Angels,

many with dark attachments, implants, false programs. I was able to see many similarities and synchronicities on

our Soul's paths and would seek answers to the questions I had thru my higher connections.

In the last 6 months I've spent hours each day in connection with Source Consciousness, Akashic records & my Guides.

I started seeing our Souls Journey from the beginning as ONE with Source/God.

 I have to say that what I have put together is the most comprehensive, up to date version I've seen. 

While much of this has been given to me and other Channels, its been bits and pieces, passed on in many versions               using different words. A lot is new information that as we wake up will begin to make more sense. It may be hard to understand, there are still parts that confuse me after being Divinely shown & explained for years

I am not saying it is everything, there is much I still can't understand or explain of our Multi-dimensional  Infinite

existence where time is not linear.  It is a much simple version of our story, the Cliff notes to trigger our memories

and open the Sacred Keys & Codes we hold in our DNA. I'm shown it in a linear way, yet it is not, 

I also feel Dimensions are much more complicated than explained.  Even as I understand and write I am

shown glimpses of even more layers

more sci-fi than we can imagine, yet still all the Divine plan. When I try to tap in and ask questions on those levels

I'm told it is not time for us to go there it would only distract and confuse most of us. 

All of what I write resonates within me as the truth, as I understand it at this moment. I say moment because we are accelerating at such a rapid pace, what is needed to know or understand today may expand or change tomorrow.

I can't tell you how many times I have updated this because as I write I have another question that leads me

to understand more. 

It is truly amazing and mind blowing what we are part of! Understanding and remembering who we are should leave

NO doubt that we are heading into a 5D New World - we have been there, done that and we are doing it again. 


Some of the information may not resonate with you at this time or ever.

Please use your Intuitive Discernment and take only what resonates with you today.

If you have more pieces of the puzzle or have been shown in a different way, please reach out to me.

We are in unchartered territory, no one know everything and we need to come together to share our experiences.


The Beginning -

Everything began as an Infinite void of darkness, pure Source Energy that never dies, constantly grows, expands evolves.

After billions of years something sparked in the dark and Light Energy was born. This original Source of Light continued

to grow, expand and evolve. Existing as one with the dark as light cannot exist or evolve with the contrast of darkness.

As this Light expands, grows, evolves into frequencies, vibrations of sound & color. The colors into shapes and Sacred Geometry was born. Source Creator than created Light Beings in its perfect image of of Love & Joy. Perfect balance of light/dark, divine feminine/masculine, yin/yang.  These Beings, extensions of Source/Creator began creating in the

Light Realms, using Sacred Geometry, sound, light to create realms of Utopia, filled with magical Beings like Unicorns,

Dragons, Dolphins, Birds, many amazing creatures & beautiful Fauna. They lived billions of years this way in                                  perfect existence, ONE with Source/God Light, and all in Creation, yet separated by a Golden Cord or Oversoul. Source, a Loving Father/Mother Creator gave our Oversouls a precious gift of Free Will. Which allows each Soul to choose the paths, experiences, challenges needed to evolve. Free Will to choose Source Light, love & service to All or Dark Service to Self.

Into the Cosmos we Go!

At some point the Multi-universes & Galaxies were designed. I'm shown Comets of Light bursting out into the Void already Divinely programmed with Sacred Geometry Blueprints. The light unraveled into a spiral vortex, creating the Galaxy,  stars, solar systems & planets. At some point each Galaxy had planets ready for life and volunteers were called on to venture

out into the Cosmos to become the Creator extensions of Source Light. To use all learned in the light of Science, Genealogy, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Numerology & Ecology. To create & evolve planets with eco-systems, plants, animals, different species & races of Soul Aspects, their Oversouls ONE with Source Light. Why Volunteer?

While a Soul can always choose to stay in the Celestial light realms and evolve, it is not as challenging to live

millions of years in perfection. 

Choosing to fragment out into the Cosmos as free will Incarnated Beings, gives the experiences, lessons, knowledge

choices needed to evolve back to Source Light.

Monad Soul Families & Aspects of our Souls

The volunteers formed the original Soul Families or Monads, each Family had 12 Oversouls, that stayed in the

Light Realms, ONE with Source/God, continuing their light work.  Each of these 12 Oversouls fragmented out their

light energy into 12 Aspects or Higher Souls (6pairs of F/M), each Aspect than fragmented out into 144 Lower Souls. 

That means each Monad has 12 Oversouls, 144 Higher Souls and up to 20,736 Incarnating Soul Aspects.

Each of us have 1 Oversoul, 12 Higher Souls Aspects (6 twin flame pairs) and up to 144 Lower Soul aspects/fragments

 that can incarnate indifferent star systems on different planets, dimensions, realms.

Once a Soul Aspect incarnates a Lifeline is created,

a Golden Cord Vortex of Energy that continues to exist still ONE with their Oversoul.

As time is not linear, Soul Aspects Lifelines can coexist at the same time. An example is many of our Galactic/Angelic

Guides are actually Aspects of our Oversouls, therefore part of us. We each have 12 Higher Soul Aspects,

I'm still a bit fuzzy but it seems each of our Higher Souls have their own 'specialties" or innate abilities, such as Goddess,

Master, Angelic, Warrior, Shaman, Priest/Priestess ect. When we incarnate with full or part of that Aspect

we are the Ancient Aliens, Angels, the Light Beings in "Who's Who" roles, of Service to All.

Back to the Original Monads, they/we are the Ancient Starseeds, those that helped create eco systems & life on planet

often seen as the Gods/Goddesses as they helped Races & Species evolve. Once evolved enough we began incarnating

as that Race. I am shown around 70% of us are the Original Ancient Starseeds.

While there are billions of Universes, I'm shown we have 7 in "our" cluster or Timeline. That doesn't exactly explain it

I'm told its close enough for what we need to know at this moment.  I don't know the names of the first 5 but Andromeda

is 6th and our Milky Way the 7th. The first 4 were much experiments and it wasn't until the 5th Universe that a Big Bang, Source Energy influx created a boost in evolution for several races. They were the Avians, Felines, Manthis and a few Amphibian & Reptilian, Dragon types.

By the 6th Universe Andromeda, the Blue Avians, Paschat Felines & Antares Manthis Beings evolved into 3-5th dimensions.

By the 7th Universe, our Milky Way these Races had several Beings that evolved into the 6-9th Dimensions.

They became the Spiritual Advisers, as well as the Geneticists that helped create the first Human Race as well as others.

Some of the Reptilian and Dragon Races evolved, but from the beginning they were in low density 3D planets, guided by

pure instinct, service to self. They put their energy into space travel, weapons & gene science, to control and destroy and are still stuck in the lower 3rd & 4th dimensions