The Lyran star system is the closest to the Central Sun. It has several planets ideal for physical life. 

It was where the first races were created in our Universe by the Pashat Felines, Manthis & Blue Avians. 

The first races created on planet Avyon, a blue paradise planet much like Earth in Eco system, vegetation and life forms. 

It had a purple sky, pristine waters, pink grass, blue sun and domed crystal cities.

When many Ancient Starseeds think of Home this is it. (sound familiar)

The Feline & Lion races came first, starting in Etheric form and evolving into a more Humanoid race. 

The Lions are of the Royal Line of Avyon and many have evolved into the 9D, acting as Spiritual Advisors and Guides. 

They stand 12-16ft tall, skin is covered in soft fuzz in colors of white to golden browns, they have manes, long hair

 some with tail like appendages, eyes are bright blue, green or gold. Bodies are muscular even females

yet very limber and graceful.  They are High Priestesses and Priests, leaders, rulers and at times Warriors. 

They are gentle and loving yet somber and down to business, intelligent and introspective. 

As they evolved they took responsibility as off planet Guardians, are one of the original founders of the

Galactic Federation of light and still protect our Galaxy and planet, especially now. 

Many of us have Lyran Lion guides, some as Soul Aspects and living concurrent Lifelines now in the

Galactic Federation on the ships above us. I have a female & male Soul Aspects on Ashtar's ship.

The Felines are more Catlike, they are gentle, warm, loving and very curious learners. 

The elders and females are respected and honored. Many of the ancient grandmothers are Feline. 

They are powerful healers &  Shamans, powerful shapeshifters, work with plant medicine, magical spells & remedies,

crystals and nature elemental powers.  They have gifted earth and Starseeds with Cats to be our familiars,

protectors and spirit guides since ancient times. Some are Scientists & superior geneticists.

Adamic Humans- 1 type is Nordic-blond, light skinned, blue eyes. The other is Norse-redhead, fair skin, green eyes. 

Over time hybrids become more common intermingling with House of Avyon.

Lyran Avians- seeded by the Blue Avians as hybrids. They evolved from birds to highly intelligent humanoids.

Diverse in color, size and appearance.  They are scientists, explorers, philosophers, can teleport & are telepathic.

Several had helped seed and evolve Ancient human races, had a presence in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt where

they often were seen as Gods/Goddesses.

Lyran/Draco War-  Lyrans of all types lived and evolved peacefully for millions of years.

They did not know how to fight, had no weapons, defenses or war ships.  About 550 million years ago  (if we count time)

, their planets were surrounded by Draco/Reptilian ships from the Draco Galaxy.

While not all Reptilians or Draco's are bad, many have chosen to stay in the dense lower 3 & 4D Dimensions.

  They are in service to self, blood thirsty, wanting to destroy or control everything. 

By the time they entered this Galaxy they were advanced in space travel, weapons and war. 

They deceived the peaceful Lyrans and began to attack and destroy 14 planets and millions of Lyrans of all Races. 

They took many as slaves, this began the Dark Agenda's of slavery, pedophile & cannibalisms

as well as the victim/victor mind control in our Universe we are still fighting today. 

It was the start of a False God tyranny and Service to self ego.

The Lyrans that escaped were forced to migrate to other Star Systems such as Andromeda, Pleidades, Sirius, Orion,

Arcturus, Vega. Many lived on their ships, scavenging for food/supplies or setting up temporary colonies on ruins of planets.

The Dracos in constant pursuit.  As many of us have Soul Aspect Lifelines on Lyra we hold these memories deep.

Lyran Starseeds - Lyrans are some of the oldest races in this Galaxy, they lost their homes millions of years ago.

 This has made them experienced wanderers, travelers, explorers, and warriors.

While starseeds often crave "home',they find it hard to settle down and get bored very easily.

They are fearless & like to live to the fullest with a let live attitude.

Have very positive attitudes, are great in a crisis and getting things done. Very grounded they give great advice

really want people to succeed in all things. People gravitate towards them for these reasons,

but can take advantage of their"let me help you" attitude.

They are born feeling isolated, with a strong sense of purpose, knowing they are here for a mission though

not sure what. Fiercely independent, they hate rules, being told what to do or controlled and can be challenging as children.

Many are happy by themselves and its hard for them to commit, do not have many emotional attachments with

friends or family and can easily move on.

Extremely hard workers, pushing and challenging themselves and others, making them great leaders in

many fields including manual labor, can also be workaholics.

Very intelligent, with a thirst for knowledge and become "experts" in many areas, loving to share with whoever will listen.

They are people watchers and can be social & chatty when they feel comfortable, if not they tend to observe. 

They hate injustice and are often freedom fighters for whatever cause they feel passionate about.

Careers- Entrepreneurs, leaders, higher management, higher learning teachers, professional or serious athletes, the more extreme or challenging the better. Many are creative using their hands as builders, artists, sculptors.

Challenges- people tend to take advantage of them, they can get lost in their many projects and be workaholics

 Though very powerful when awakened, they tend to ignore their Spiritual side until something forces them to begin awakening.