Orion Star System-  I

One of the oldest, brightest and best known constellations in the Northern skies. 

It is located on the Celestial equator and visible throughout the world. 

The Orion Nebula or Messiers 42 is on the southside of the belt. 

It is the Cosmic Gateway to the Higher Realms (10+) in our Milky Way Galaxy. 

It has many Stargates, passages to Angelic Realms and Source/God Creator Light. 

The Sumerians called it Uru An An meaning Light of Heaven, it is where Stars are birthed in our

Solar System. I see it like the seat of all creation, like a Light Laboratory, the Light Beings working

with the Galactic's to experiment & create in many areas.

This may be why several of the planets, Betelgeuse, Rigel and Bella Tux are the main bases for the Draco,

Reptilians & Grey's Empires as well as the violent resistance groups that fight them.

Orion Races

 Vega Humans - Make up 75% of Orion races, many are Lyran displaced during Draco wars and settled on Rigel.  

Similar to Earth humans but are light blue with light hair or bald with large oblong heads, large piercing blue eyes          

 or almost black and tall at 7-ft.

There is another human race from Lyra with light brown skin, large brown eyes and a extra fatty skin layer that acts                        as a lubricant. I'm showing this is so they can exist longer in the water as  several of the planets are very aquatic. 

Mintaki (Artuvia)

Along the Orion Belt there are 3 planets: Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka.

I don't know or see much on the first two but Mintaka has come thru in several Readings over the years. 

It is a planet of Light, a paradise planet, bright blue with 2 Suns and covered in brilliant diamond blue waters. 

It is the first Blueprint planet in our Galaxy, the perfect home and many Starseeds had a Aquatic lifeline there. 

It is a highly evolved planet with amazing Crystal cities on land and beneath the water. This is the origin of Dolphins,

Whales, Mer-people, a highly evolved Amphibian race(frog like humanoids) as well as Water Dragons.

It is also home to Unicorns and High Dimensional Dragons.  

All are highly evolved, super intelligent, empathic, telepathic and of ONE Consciousness.

They are powerful healers, using sound & vibration.  Many are shapeshifters able to take human and other forms. 

This is the only planet that stayed in the Light, not allowing free will or service to self agendas invade them. 

The Dolphins, Whales & Unicorns are the original Lightworkers throughout the Universes. 

The Whales are Ancient protectors and guides, the Dolphins hold the Sacred Codes & Blueprints for

Spiritual Evolution both are Gatekeepers and protectors for other worlds.

It seems at some point they were forced out by the darker forces and had to migrate to Sirius, Pleiades and Venus. 

They also came to Earth in Lemuria & Atlantis but when they were destroyed, the Stargates to Light Realms

where closedand the whales, dolphins and Mer-people where trapped here.

While the others were able to continue existing in the Light the small group of  Mer-people were trapped

deep in the Oceans unable to shift or evolve and they got very angry. 

This is why many Mermaid sightings especially by Ancient Sailors where often full of destruction.

Recently as the Stargates are opening, a direct portal from Sirius C to the middle of each Ocean,

This is why many are reconnecting with their Dolphin, Whale and Mermaid  Aspects.

I'm shown not all but many Starseeds have a Aquatic Being Higher Soul Aspect that has continued

to incarnate a Lifeline in Orion, Sirius, Plieades, Earth. 

Orion Starseeds

Very intelligent, love to read & learn. Logical, practical, can be perfectionist.

Very independent, need alot of alone time. Can be strong willed and opinionated, critical of self & others.

They need solid proof to change their minds.  Many have problems connected with others or showing emotion.

They carry a very masculine energy, even the females and can be very competitive.

Drawn to science, technology, entrepreneur's, master Teachers.  They understand how Karma works, have a

strong Solar Plex and know how to create & manifest abundance.

Those awakening learn quickly how to master their innate abilities and powers and see self improvement as a

competitive sport. Drawn to more secluded lush wooded areas, can have deep connection to horses.

Those fighting the awakening can be very angry, lost, nothing turns out in life and its always someone else's fault, 

 rarely taking responsibility. They can find religion with a almost fanatical obsession. 

May be drawn to cults or dark magic and can retreat deep into themselves and may have long bouts of depression.

Physical Traits

 Orion Human starseeds- Tall, lanky, larger heads, piercing eyes either bright blue or deep black. Light brown skin

Orion Mer-people - Very Feminine Energy, mostly beautiful curvy females long hair, even males.

Many have a "other world" energy, those more aligned with Higher Soul are very of Service driven. 

Powerful healers especially sound be it singing or music.

Their voices are pure and mesmerizing, and can even talk in a musical tone. 

Have an innate intelligence and knowing, often drawn to to many things at once, student of much yet master of few.

They tend to be wanderers, their dream to live by the beach, may be beach bums, day dreamers.

Drawn to water, water creatures as well as any animals and can often communicate with them.

Orion Wars

The Lyran/Draco war eventually spread to the nearby Orion star system as the Draco Empire wanted to

take over planets so close to the Ascension Gates & the seat of creation.  Orion Reptilian races had already begun to

intermingle with Vega humans, brought together by their o0ve of space exploration and promise of power.

They formed the Orion Empire and teamed up the the Draco's. 

The Black League was then formed, a resistance group of radical freedom fighters, their goal to destroy the Empire. 

This began a never ending conflict, both sides bringing destruction and darkness where they went. 

A few months ago I asked Source about  the Q, the current group that has brought much truth to light but I felt they also

bring much fear, anger and hate. I was shown they are part of this original group, following the Dark ones from planet to planet.

Those on Earth now are their ground crew.

Again while they tell most Truth, take all they say and how they say it with much Discernment!