Star cluster in Taurus constellation of Seven Sisters, Messier 45.  It is the nearest cluster to Earth,

seen in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is the youngest star system after Earth with many planets still inhabitable.

Those that are exist in the 5th & 6th and some have evolved up to the 9th dimensions and are still evolving. 

Planet Erra orbits the star Taygeta and is much like Earth, where many Plieadian Starseeds are from. 

This planet is the blueprint for New Earth (Tara).  It has one sun, 2 moons and 5 climate zones as well as a wide variety

of life forms and bio zones.  It has many of the same varieties of animals, plants, vegetables, fruits but with so many more. 

They are more brilliant and intense in color and taste and higher in minerals and nutrients.

  The air is pure with clouds that  produce rain & snow.

Inhabitants- Pleidians are a benevolent ancient race whose origins began on Avyon in the Lyra system

which was thebirthplace for the first humans in our Universe.

When Lyra was destroyed in the Draco wars, many Lyrans scattered to different planets

still many needed a permanent home. 

The Galactic Federation helped them to Terraform Erra and relocate there.  They have been closely involved with

Earth since Lemuria and helped to seed a gentle Pleiadean Hybrid Earth race. 

Today they are working very close with us in our Ascension and many have incarnated here now as powerful

Healers and Spiritual Guides.  It is easy for them to come into our frequencies as they are the

closest planet in location and vibration.

Their Beam ships are able to travel at hyperspace and can be within our skies within hours. 

Their ships are similar to the Greys ships and often when sighted are mistaken for them, to tell the difference

Pleiadian ships radiate a blue light.

Appearance - they are the closest to Earth humans, tall with perfect thin bodies and pale luminescent skin.

Symmetrical features, blond with long hair, even men, blue eyes, Nordic looking. 

They are male and female though have a more androgynous energy. 

I asked if they had sex, I'm told yes but more in a Tantric energy way with reproduction done through

meditation and energy exchange.  They do not marry but once they find their Soul partner they mate for life.

They live around 700 years old and have no illness, dying is very peaceful and celebrated.  

Society - they have no currency or jobs, everyone shares work and resources.

They are trained from childhood in things they are passionate about, the children taught the importance

of living as ONE in harmony and enjoying all they do with purpose.

The planet has high Dimension Unicorns and at a young age children receive a Unicorn who become

their guides, teachers and friends.  They also receive a flying disc which is how they travel around.  

They eat mostly plant and mineral based diet but do use animal milk (goats not cows), eat eggs and on rare occasions

small rodent like animals. They do produce "meat" in a lab and only slaughter if needed to balance their diets. 

I'm shown a lot of the manual labor, farm work, keeping things running and clean are done by AI's (artificial intelligence). 

I asked if worried they would take over and told there are systems in place to prevent.

Pleiadeans are peaceful ONE Tribe mentality, sensitive, intuitive, empathic and telepathic.. 

They have great imaginations and are very creative. Powerful Energy & Sound Healers.

They are a Goddess society, One with nature and all the animal kingdom, they communicate with them

and nature on a higher consciousness. 

This is something they are helping us do as well us helping open our high heart to radiate Light & Love. 

I'm shown a water planet with Dolphins and Whales that are higher 9th & 10th Dimenisions with origins in Sirius and Orion.  

They hold many Sacred Codes and spiritual awareness and there is a Gateway  that goes into our Oceans much like from Sirius.  This allows them to come into our waters, communicate with our Sea life and incarnate here.

  This is  how many came to Lemuria and spread through our waters.

Starseed Traits- Many incarnated here during Lemuria, after destruction they scattered to Hawaii, Bali, India, Samoa

, Indonesia as Mayans and Inca's. I'm shown many powerful Spiritual Masters, Healers, Prophets have Pleiadian Soul Aspects. This includes Jesus and the Essenes. 

Plieadian Starseeds usually have a bright light energy, they shine and people gravitate towards them. 

They are beautiful inside and out and are mostly female or feminine males that have a mystique about them. 

They are intelligent, loving, peaceful, sincere and trusting. 

They can appear child-like or naïve but this is because they are "other worldly"

finding Earth and humanity overwhelming or boring. 

They gravitate towards nature and animals can easily communicate with all realms including the

Elementals like Fairies, Gnomes, Unicorns & Dragons. 

Many have Soul Aspects in this realms as Fairies, Brownies, Nature Spirits ect. 

They seek careers with a purpose to serve in communications, ecology, spiritual practices, healing in all ways

, nursingchildcare, social work. Drawn to  anything creative, music, art, acting, dancing, fashion, design. 

As the world is to toxic for them , many have weak bodies, food, environment allergies and sensitivities. 

This world can seem to loud, fast and overwhelming to be in. 

They need to seek solace, peace and quite and can be prone to depression and anxiety disorders.

Appearance - they have a very Etheric, graceful, at times fragile beauty. Tall, thin, light skin and hair,

blue or light eyes long fingers and pleasing facial features.

Venus Starseeds 

Not much is known about life on Venus.  I've had a few clients over the years with lives on Venus.

Recently I was taken to Venus in a meditation.  It was to clear a Lifeline of me as  Goddess/High

Priestess Aphrodite who I have come to know as Seraphina, my Goddess & Shaman guide. 

She is my Holistic guide to healing with plants herbs and crystals and well as helping me remember

Light Languages and Healing Tones  What I had to clear was guilt & heartache from when I was a Hopi Goddess

and I did something that caused a famine.  

What I felt in Venus was a more Etheric Energy of pure Love & Joy. 

Most Beings are highly evolved, Feminine Energy, Goddesses, Devas, High Priestesses.

It seems they began their Goddess Lifelines on other planets but have reached a level of such pure love

 they banded together in recent times to assist Earths ascension as our Soul sister Tribe of Love. 

They are holders of the Pink Rays and Sacred Codes for Twin Flames.  In Egypt and

other Ancient civilizations the Hathors were High Priestess Goddesses that appeared as Cow humanoids and

were revered.  In my visit I saw and felt the Pink/Magenta, and purple Rays surrounding me with such peace,

love & joy helping me release what I held