Sirius Star System

Is the brightest star system in our sky and our closest neighbors.

They have been the most aligned and involved with Earth since the beginning. 

A large % of Starseeds have Sirian/Lyran Soul Aspects, many with concurrent Lifelines happening now. 

This means if you have a Sirian Guide they are most likely a part of you from your Oversoul. 

Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Nicola Tesla, Darwin, Einstein, Da Vinci are a few known Sirians. 

They often came during times of great change or advancement in Spiritual, Technology, Arts.

Sirius A

The Dog Star is a large blue planet with 2 Suns. It is 10x brighter than our sun and 70% is covered with water. 

It has several tropical islands with lush lands. Colors are super rich and vibrant, homes are built seaside from natural

materials & crystals, simple yet beautiful. It is host to several hybrid races from Lyra and Orion.

I'm shown most exist in 5th Dimension with some evolved up to 8th D.  


Much diverse plant, marine & animal life. I see some islands very similar to the Galapagos islands which is maybe why Darwin was so drawn to them.  Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds and many other species came to us through Sirius.

Sirius Humans

 Tanned skin, yet almost translucent, tall up to 12 ft, elongated heads, high cheekbones, small chins

big beautiful golden brown eyes with large irises. (think Ancient Egypt). 

There are also Humans with red skin, dark hair and brown eyes (Native Americans). 

While similar to us, they have no sex organs as sex and reproduction is through touch, energy exchange and meditation.

 They live over 300 years and often don't marry until later in life, then only if its the right partner. 

They see commitment differently and have many open relationships even when married.

Rarely is there a "break up", that is negative or unfriendly, they choose together to end the relationship on a higher level.

This also seems to be the case in several other Galactic Civilizations.

Could this be why we struggle so much with monogamy as it seems that is a concept that only began once

Religious leaders took over

They also don't have the same digestive systems, they require much water but get most of their nutrients from the Suns.

When they do eat its usually out of pleasure or a community event. When they do they eat mostly plants but on occasion

when body requires they do eat fish, some fowl and small game that looks kind of like a Guinea pig or rodent.

I also saw types of bugs as a protein source. I feel this is what we are evolving to, a way much gentler on our bodies

 animals and our planets resources and they are helping us to achieve this.  

They are very intelligent, telepathic, many can levitate. They are very family and tribe oriented, love Tribe rituals,

gatherings with singing, dances & communal activities.

Now working with us to help us on many levels including coming back to our ONE Tribe mentality and communities.

Their energy comes through as very loving yet serious as we got work to do.

Your Sirian Guide may be one of the constant voices in your head helping you through this time. 

Sirius B 

A dwarf planet and mostly water, it has a red orange sky with blue clouds and brilliant turquoise waters that shimmer

like diamonds.  The inhabitants are 5D embodied Souls and 6-8D Etheric evolved Light Beings. 

It is home to Mer-people, Dolphins, Whales & other  Aquatic Beings including Sea Dragons. 

Many are shapeshifters, very intelligent in a Ancient wise way as well as technical, health and spiritual advancement. 

They have been Spiritual Advisors to Earth and throughout the Galaxy. They are powerful sound healers, with highly

advanced Sonic technology that they brought to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, used to build the Pyramids as well as Stargate.

Sirius C

Lakumay is a 9th Dimension planet. It is home to the Golden Ray Dolphins who carry the Sacred Codes,

Blueprints for a Utopia Earth and vibrate at unconditional LOVE & JOY.  There are also High Dimension Unicorns,

who gifted horses to us. Many have had incarnations as Horses on Earth. 

Sirius D (4th planet)

I am not shown much about them other than there are Amphibian & Reptilian Humanoid races that have

aligned with Draco's dark agenda.

Sirius Magi

Are highly advanced Spiritual Beings that are High Priestesses and Priests. Many from the original Avyon Lines.   

They can astral travel, teleport, control the Elements and perform magic. I feel they gifted fire to Earth. 

They help guide Souls from death through the Ascension process.

They are 10-11th dimension and hold the Blueprints for

Divine Feminine/Masculine - Tara(Earth)/Christed Consciousness we are evolving to on Earth.

It is a Realm/Existence of pure Light & Love, I feel it is from here that the Soul Aspects of Jesus & Mary exist here.

Sirius & Earth- all Sirius races have been involved with Earth since Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt.

  As Starseeds, especially the Ancient ones, have Soul Aspects that had taken part in Ancient times as the

"Ancient Aliens", seen as Gods/Goddesses, High Priests & Priestesses.

Sirius Starseeds-

Very Spiritual, Intelligent, open minded.  Straight forward, calm, well adjusted and task oriented. 

They are great workers and love projects that they tackle and complete. Very strong will, yet peaceful and caring.

Can be perfectionists with high expectations of themselves and others which can make it hard for them to trust.

Once trust is earned they are fierce protectors of their inner family and friends.

Many have been warriors, especially those with Lyran origins.

While they are peaceful, introverted and hate confrontation,

if they are pushed in the corner or feel protective they will fight to the death.

This warriors have an infinity for Archangel Michael and his deep Blue Rays.

They are lone wolves and do not like to socialize much, then only with a few in their pack.

They need much alone time can spend hours reading or daydreaming. 

They are the inventors, innovators, they are visual with a vast imagination they can manifest into reality when aligned. 

While they thirst for knowledge they would rather learn on their own either by books, online or life experiences.

They would rather teach or lead a group than be a participant.

Well balanced in feminine/masculine energy and left & right brain. They understand they are here for a higher purpose

 often are drawn to a Divine calling. Great teachers, spiritual advisors, have strong psychic abilities, magic.


Deep connection to nature, be it the beach or forest as long as there is water which they need to be fulfilled.

Love all animals earth & sea but deep connection with cats, dogs, horses, dolphins.

Many starseeds work with animals and can communicate with them.

Many work the Earth,  Shamans, gardeners, ecology with a passion to save the planet & animals above humans.

  Masters in Arts, Science, Technology, they will bring sustainable ways to the New Earth.

As they wake memories of their Ancient roots begin to surface. Drawn to Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece,

where they were the High Priestess/priests, power magicians, seers, shamans, the Gods/Goddesses,

 Ancient Aliens in history.

Those awakening now are and will be working closely with the Galactic Families in many roles.