All Starseeds are birthed from Source Light and existed in the Celestial Realms for millions of years before they

reached a point in their evolution to fragment out into Soul Aspects and begin incarnating in the Multi-dimensions

which include the various Elemential Realms and existences we are just opening to.

I asked if same for "darker races". Draco's -yes all, Reptilian races - many have Oversouls, meaning they can have

Soul Aspects that are not lower D energies and therefore always choose light. Others though do not have souls,

they are more AI's. Greys-do not have souls, they are also AI's.

Ancient Starseeds 

The Original Starseeds that volunteered to separate from their Light Oversouls to go into the growing Universes.

They were the first to fragment into 12 Higher Souls and 144 Souls, or Soul Aspects  joining 12 other Oversouls

and their Soul Aspects. These starseeds will be drawn to Ancient Earth, Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece ect.

They will feel or know they played important roles as Gods/Goddesses, Royalty, "Ancient Aliens", Diva's, Masters. 

Feel they were with Jesus as friends and family. Drawn to Merlin, Dragons, Knights and other important "religious" times. 

Have been somewhat awake most of lives, rapidly so after 2012. Always felt they were meant for something big, need

to be seen, acknowledged. Some may have illusions of grandeur or a bit Narcissistic tendencies.

May have problems connecting with others or feeling emotional attached to anyone or anything.

Feel they need to save the world. Drawn to Sacred Geometry, Science, especially Gene therapy, DNA, biology.

Have few fears, especially of death, may hold lots of guilt as we created and destroyed by our choices.

Often felt "attacked" by energy or others like someone was watching

. Many had several unpleasant abductions since childhood, or strange illnesses, deep depression to severe schizophrenia.

Old Soul Starseeds

They existed in the Celestial Realms until a Star System in a Galaxy was in need of volunteers.

They then fragmented out, also into 12 Higher Souls and 144 Soul Aspects and began incarnating though the Universe.

Many here now have Soul Aspects or Lifelines in Andromeda & Milky Way. Their Earth Aspects began incarnating

here in Lemuria & Atlantis when a call went out for volunteers to inhabit the New world.

Since then this Aspect has been trapped in a Karmic loop, each life with a sense of not belonging and wanting to go home.

Many do not fit in to whatever community, society, family. Have been the dreamers, explorers, inventors, great scientists, astrologers, the builders, creators.  Great writers, artists, actors of their times.

Many have been healers, shamans, on Spiritual or Religious paths in this and other Earth lives.

Drawn to Tribe like existences, love nature, water, animals. Remember lives of being persecuted, tortured,

killed for being witches, or more than human. So many feel a great sense of service and purpose, also a

deep empathy and compassion for humanity. A strong social and earth consciousness, very entuned with the suffering

of the world. At this time they are finding it hard to watch as so many are hurting now, they feel deep connections with the children and women who have been enslaved. Many have been working in their dream states to help rescue and rehab them.

Cosmic Starseeds

They have come from other Galaxy's, some very far away and most have never had a Earth life before. 

They are here now to help & be apart of the Great Awakening.  They find it hard to be here in this dense world in

these strange bodies. Their appearance is often "odd" , awkward in their bodies, stand out as other worldly, 

They are often loners or have one or two very close attachments.  Highly intelligent, almost to much so especially

in Science, Technology or any subject they are passionate about. They can lose many in their conversations and tend

to loss most in their way of seeing or explaining something

Reptilian Starseeds

Like the rest, they began in the Light with an Oversoul and can have Soul Aspects that have evolved.

While not all are stuck in the dark, many have chosen to align with service of self groups since the beginning.

We will talk of those who did not choose to stay there but were forced as prisoners and slaves.

These Starseeds may have memories of dark heavy planets, lifetimes of slavery, without any control or free will.

Having to do things they hold much regret and guilt for.   In this life hold much anger, pain, guilt.

Can deal with deep dark depression, violent outbursts, uncontrollable sadness or anger.

Can suffer from energy attacks in physical, emotional and mental ways.

  Find it hard to fit in, socialize, bond with others or feel emotions.  Feel best alone in a cave like existence. 

May have problems with moral choices, addiction problems, over indulgence.

May have a current Soul Aspect living in middle Earth or as one of the enslaved women or children. 

If you feel you are one and drawn here, you are evolving and your other Aspects are reaching out to you.

You are ready to raise in vibration and merge with them, to come back inline with your Light body and Higher Soul.

  You are a Sovereign Being, you are ONE with all Source Light. WE welcome you Home, Love & Forgive yourself, WE DO!

Earth Angels

Have existed mostly in the Celestial/Angelic Light Realms as well as the Fae/Elemental Realms.

May have Soul Aspects that on occasion had lives on Earth or other worlds. Taking corporal form to help during

a time of Spiritual evolution or when great guidance was needed.  They are very connected to the Angels and

may have had encounters or memories.  Find it hard to live in the world, not understanding the cruel and mean choices humanity makes.  May find solace in religions, spiritual groups, drawn to Buddhism, Ashrams, Seminaries and life of solitude.

Can hold much guilt or carry the weight of the world. A great need to be of service and can feel guilty for

having more, success or happiness.  Very caring, loving and nurturing though may get taking advantage off.  

Indigo Children

Starseeds born in the 60's & 70's with a strong purpose to save and change the world. Old Souls, often with memories

of life on other planets and previous lives on earth. The first to open to their Galactic families. Highly Intelligent, empathic, intuitive and great communicators, imaginative and creative. They see things differently and think way out of the box.

What seems strange to others they see as practical and usually can prove their way works. They were the first to take on environmental & health issues. They are rebels and do not trust "the man", anyone in authority. 

The first generation to pave the way for the New Crystal and Star children.

Crystal Children

Starseeds born in 80's-2000, usually from Indigo parents. Have not had many lives modern Earth lives many lived in

 Lemurian, Atlantis and early Native Tribes like Hopi's. They do not carry alot of Karmic baggage.

Often very sensitive to its toxic and dense environment. Can have many allergies and sensitive to technology,

even power lines. Extremely intuitive, empathic, sensitive, gentle and kind. This can be seen as a weakness

but they are not, it just isn't worth the drama for them to fight back.  Drawn to Nature, Water, Crystals, Rocks, Shells,

Animals. Very creative, love music and art and see beauty in the world and everything around them.

Very calming energy, great yoga masters, meditation guides. Many are also the Lightworkers now working on the

Light Grids with Light Language coming back to them. Can communicate with those passed and other Realms.

Rainbow Children

Starseeds born in early 2000's often to Crystal parents.  Old Souls though usually few or no lives on earth.

They often carry little karmic baggage, here to anchor Love into the Light Grids.  Their Energy is warm, loving,

kind, they can balance or calm a person, animal or situation.  They may find it difficult to be here but do not show

it as they are very strong willed and brave.

on surface they are peaceful and joyful but often struggle underneath with depression or self worth issues. 

They may struggle with dark attachments drawn to their light.

Very empathic, telepathic and can easily connect to the other worlds & realms.

Many have lives in the Elemental realms as Fairies, Sprites, Earth Goddesses, they bring light to all. Often eat very pure and healthy, many are vegan or vegetarian if not they struggle with health issues.

Star Children

I see the Star Children as those born in last 10-25 years. While they are old Souls they have not incarnated on Earth.

Any incarnating Aspects only choose higher evolved Light worlds or realms. Each Aspect only existing as extensions

of Source Light.  They are here now as the carriers of the New light codes and blueprints for New Earth. 

They are the beginning of the New Crystal core humans, their DNA fully activated, memories, abilities and powers intact.  

They are pure love, even at birth they having a calming energy, rarely crying or in angst.

Early on they can tell stories of Astral Planes, other worlds and existences and can tap into Source Consciousness and Akashic Records at will.

Most are born to parents who understand or have a close family member to mentor them.

If not they may have serious emotion and mental issues. If these happens they may open up to constant severe attacks

from dark energies, trying to prevent them from bringing the light into the world.

They are the Tesla's, Einstein's, Darwin's, Buddha's, Pure Christ Consciousness of the New Earth.